Is inner work scary to you? Taking a look at those buried emotions can be scary for a lot of us.

What I’ve learned is that it was scary for me just because of not knowing what was really there and it seemed so much bigger than me until I realized that it was me looking at it through the my younger self’s eyes which at that time, it was bigger than me.

As an adult, I have choice and I can trust and have faith and reach out to someone to help me in this exploration of self. Then it isn’t so scary.

We aren’t as alone as we think we are. It can be our beliefs rearing their heads to keep us in the status quo or “safe”. Which shows up as not reaching out to others or not trying something new because it is different than what we are used to. But are we really safe in our beliefs that may or may not even be ours?

When we learn to question those beliefs, it can bring our power back to us.

Here are a couple steps to take when you get caught in that spiral of scariness:

1. Get curious. Curiosity is such a great way to release the mind’s hold on that safety valve. Our minds want to keep us safe but it is based on that old belief system.

2. Ask: Is that true? When a statement comes up in our minds like “you can’t do that” or “remember when you did that last time” or “she’s much better than you”, that’s when we get to really take control of our thoughts. Asking that statement takes our minds off of what that status quo has always been and gets it looking for other ways to prove that it isn’t true.

It actually can be fun to learn more about ourselves when we don’t feel like we are doing it alone and when we have a few simple and easy tools to guide us.

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