Transformational Coaching

The Power of Forgiveness Through Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is about changing the way we see ourselves. Instead of looking for strategies of how to change intellectually, it is about learning to rediscover our essence and sense of self-forgiveness.

What Is Transformational Coaching?


Life brings a constant sense of change.  Divorce, the death of a loved one, job change, or even the loss of friendship will significantly affect how we view ourselves.

Do you often feel yourself asking:

  • “Who am I really?”
  • “What is my purpose?”
  • “Why does every day feel the same?”
  • “What is the point of this?”

Transformational coaching helps break down these changes hindering you from being your best self to lead to self-improvement. 

Your Masks Hold You Back

We have all learned to wear different masks we needed in life to survive.


The good student


The good kid


The funny one, the quiet one, or the smart one.


The screw up


The perfect child, partner, parent, business person, athlete, etc

But who are we really?

These masks hide the real “you” from the world and ultimately block any chance of self-forgiveness or life transformation. The intention of transformational coaching is to help you find the path to your heart, to release your masks and limitations, and to discover how the power of “being” transcends the act of “doing”.

We have all made decisions to present ourselves in how we think others expect us to be, and in doing that we can lose ourselves.

If you’re asking the question “who am I really?”, then you are ready to find the answer to forgive yourself.

Are you ready to discover who you are?

The intention of transformational coaching is to get to your heart, release your limitations, and discover places of possibility for personal growth.

Transformational coaching is about being rather than doing.

How Transformational Coaching Works

Step 1

Book Your Discovery Call

The first step breaking your negative thoughts is to book a discovery call. This helps you learn about your triggers, trauma, and how radical forgiveness can help you regain a stronger sense of YOU.

Step 2

Working Towards Fulfillment

Radical forgiveness is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is a practice tailored to your unique struggles and qualities. The important thing is to find what works for you and what will help you move forward.

Step 3

Maintaining a Positive Balance

Radical forgiveness doesn't happen overnight. Your struggles are not always a quick fix. They can be a burden that builds up over time. Why not spend the time to rework those burdens into things that make you stronger?

Book Your Discovery Call Today


You don't need to let negative events frame the rest of your life. Take the first step towards positive fulfillment by booking a discovery call. You will learn about how these events are dragging you down and how radical forgiveness can help you change your outlook.

Ready to transform your life

Are you ready to change your life, and do you want some one-on-one guidance? Are you struggling and you know that you need to set aside dedicated time to work on forgiveness in your life? Are you simply a private person and would feel more comfortable with individual coaching? If any of these sounds like you then working with me one on one might be the perfect decision.

Take The Quiz

Take The Quiz

Are you struggling with a situation or a person in your life? Wondering if you are ready to work on radical forgiveness?

Take our quiz to find out your emotional IQ and how this impacts your ability to forgive. 

Are you struggling with a situation or a person in your life? Wondering if you are ready to work on radical forgiveness?

Take our quiz to find out your emotional IQ and how this impacts your ability to forgive. 


Brenda will teach you to transform what hurts you into what heals you.  Powerful medicine that all of us need. 

You will immediately use the forgiveness steps as easily as you use a fork and knife. You’ll be astounded at how often this comes in handy.  Once Brenda places the power of forgiveness into your hands, you’ll carry it always. 

I highly recommend her as a coach and workshop guide.” 

Sarri Gilman, LMFT

“What I admire the most is that Brenda walks her talk – she radiates that joy and peace of mind which she says is possible with forgiveness. And from her story I learned that this wasn’t how she used to live – this brave woman has to heal and recreate, rediscover herself. Thank you for hope and inspiration.”

Anna M

“As a coach/teacher Brenda is filled with so much caring and information and had our groups and individual sessions so thoroughly planned out. This was such an amazing process for me, not only being able to diffuse the misinformation and twisted truth that I had carried around to believe as my story, but to reframe the story and then be able to move on with a clearer and much lighter story. After years of much work in many areas, this form of spiritual clearing and unblocking is so much better for me and helps me grow in so many areas.” 


“Those qualities are especially important to me when I am in need of support from a coach. I personally feel better understood if I email my dilemma ahead of time as a journaling exercise instead of being confused as to what I want from our one-on-one sessions. Sometimes just being heard was all I needed, but if not she offered me the support I needed through her personal radical approach to helping me sort out whatever it was that bothered me. Brenda is a talented coach, and she is committed to her client’s growth and wellbeing. Thanks, Brenda.” – Dean