It’s almost summer! Most of us have been giving our houses and garages a lift by cleaning things out and organizing.

How about giving ourselves a lift? I’m not just talking weight loss or body sculpturing.

What do I mean by that? Well, through this spring I was realizing that my health needed a lift. My adrenals needed a lift. My heart needed a lift. My relationship needed a lift.

How do we give those parts of us a lift?

1.) We recognize the parts by being really honest with ourselves and taking a few minutes to sit with our bodies and minds and see what comes up. Do you feel happy or sad? Do you wake up energized or not? Have there been thoughts of changing your eating or exercising? Keep a journal for a day or two to see what kinds of thoughts are coming up.

2.) Choose one of those areas. The one you think of most often. I know we want to fix them all yet that could be setting ourselves up for disappointment and that could be an all too familiar pattern for some of us. We want to not feed that one.

3.) Make 3 action steps that are doable. Keyword is doable. Things that are simple and you are willing to do.

An example would be:

Adrenals – take supplements from the Naturopath, clear some things off my calendar, rest during the day, water therapy.

Heart – step away from the computer & go outside and walk; call a friend to talk or have coffee; cuddle with your kids or partner; put your hand over your heart and tell yourself how you appreciate you for being willing to pause a moment and take care of yourself.

Relationship – set a time to talk about how you are feeling; go for a walk together; go on a date – something fun and different; hold hands – yes, touch is the #1 thing we need as humans. Whether this is a romantic relationship or friendship – relationships are key to our existence.

Try it for a week and see how happier you feel. More connected you may feel. More Alive you may feel. Say YES to you!

Giving ourselves a lift isn’t rocket science even though my head will tell me it is and come up with excuses not to do it by saying it’s too easy. It needs to be more challenging. Not!

Let’s move out of our own way . Get back to basics. Reconnect with ourselves so we can then connect with each other.

Happy lifting!