Do you feel at home wherever you are?  In your actual home and your body since your body is home for all the parts of you?
When we feel at home, we feel peace, security, safety and belonging.

These foundations not only help us to feel more secure in our physical home, but they also help us to feel more secure in our own skin.  This provides a way that we can feel comfortable no matter what is happening in the world around us.

Home is meant to be love.

If you aren’t feeling at home, maybe it’s time for an inventory.  We can get really good at taking other people’s inventories (big smile here) and not so good at taking our own.  Yet, when we get honest with ourselves, it provides the answers that we keep seeking outside of ourselves. 

Grab a pen and paper, set yourself up in a quiet space with some soft music which helps to distract your head; take a few breaths focusing on your heart and then ask yourself one of these questions:

· What am I hiding from?

· Am I afraid of being myself?

· Do I feel that I don’t belong?

· What if I did choose another path in business or relationships?  What would that entail?  What feelings come up?

A great question to ponder is:

·What is my understanding or definition of what home is?  Maybe it’s an unsafe place or didn’t provide stability or loving feelings.  And then maybe it did but we have lost that along the way.

Trust what you feel or hear.  That’s one of the biggest steps.

It’s time to come home to you.  It’s time to love yourself and create a new sense of safety, security and belonging within.

We have all chosen experiences in our lives for a reason which allows us to revisit some situations that may have taken us back to our original pain.

When we look at these experiences through the lens of choice and healing, it can give us a different perspective about ourselves.  That we are strong and capable and courageous.  And most of all, worthy of loving ourselves just for that reason.

So now we can say NO to the suffering of the past; say NO to our inner critic; and NO to those people and situations that want to dim our light.

We get to choose a new home. 

A place where it excites us to be.  Maybe it’s a little weird at first and uncomfortable as we set boundaries and figure out what it is that lights us up.  That’s okay.  As long as, we are willing to stick with the forward motion for ourselves.  Embodying the beautiful being that we are becoming and want to hang around with.