It makes sense that we are attracted to what we know in relationships. There’s a sense of comfort in familiarity.

Even when it’s painful. I lived my life in painful relationships for a long time.

Our world and the way we view it is shaped by how we view ourselves – did you know that?

Every interaction and conversation can be considered a direct reflection of how we see ourselves.

So, in that respect – relationships are a mirror.

That means we are drawn to both the positive and not so positive parts of ourselves in others.

Do you see how it shows up in your relationships?

Something unresolved in you is manifesting in relationships around you.

Here’s a quick story…

When I was dating my now husband Doug, he was working out all the time. I would get super upset – overly upset – at how he would work out all the time. When I stopped and looked at my over-reaction – it was information for me.

He was reflecting for me that I wasn’t taking care of myself and that I was overdoing the work part of my life. He was overly working out and I was overly working.

Crazy right?

So, my strong reaction showed me an area where I needed to heal, which was a good thing.

When we are looking in the mirror – the best attitude we can have is to take a double positive attitude. Like a win-win attitude.

Because the reflection can be showing us something we like or not like about ourselves.
It’s all good information.

Relationships deliver truth that is valuable. They really do.

We need to stop blinding ourselves against that truth.

Be the observer of your situations – like watching a movie. You know it’s a movie and you are observing the movie.

This way you cultivate awareness and you can change your perception from viewing it as a terrible thing to an informative thing that you have the power to change.

This can take the fear out of it and opens up more compassion and understanding that brings the peace that we are all seeking.

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