Are you ready to finally let go of anger, of being a ‘victim’ of others, and of life’s seemingly never ending challenges?

Are these thoughts all too familiar?

  • I will never be ‘enough’ for any partner in my life.
  • Life would be so much better, if only I’d had a better childhood.
  • I’m not ‘good enough’ to deserve success, love and abundance in life.
  • I don’t deserve any more than what I
    already have.
  • It’s selfish to take care of myself.
  • Life’s always going to be hard.
  • I can’t let go of my anger, judgment and frustration with myself and others.
  • I’m stuck in a joyless relationship… job… life.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Chronic and/or serious illness that’s
    not improving…
  • Addictions of every imaginable sort…
  • Self-sabotaging behavior in your personal life
    or workplace…
  • Continually making poor relationship choices…
  • Unhealthy weight and body image issues…
  • Searching for greater meaning in life, despite reading and trying countless self-improvement
    books and programs…

Radical Forgiveness can change your perspective and quality of life.

When we’re able to shift our negative feelings enough to start seeing them from a different perspective, we become free to live the life we want. Radical Forgiveness can bring back your joy and inner peace—allowing you to fall in love with life again… perhaps for the first time!

What is Radical Forgiveness?

Radical Forgiveness (RF) has the ability to shift one’s perspective on life by fundamentally seeing struggles through an altogether different lens.

From the RF perspective, life’s events happen ‘for’ us, rather than ‘to’ us. This realization in itself is hugely significant—a giant philosophical and psychological leap forward. By seeing events once considered negative as growth experiences, life’s events become divinely guided and purposeful, even in the most difficult circumstances and relationships.

RF is a tool with a deeply spiritual dimension, allowing one to see how each ‘obstacle’ in life is actually a gift. These gifts are healing opportunities to look inside your own mind and see the hidden, unconscious emotional blocks that keep you from living a more peaceful, fulfilling, healthier and happier life.

Once seen, these hidden blocks start dissipating as you begin to acknowledge and understand them—in turn, healing your mind, body and soul.

Through the gentle guidance of Certified RF Coach, Brenda Reiss, Radical Forgiveness can be profoundly effective in healing your suffering.

From lingering childhood angst and other, age-old anger and resentments, to health issues and current, painful relationships—Brenda and RF can help you move beyond these and other life events. Additionally, RF can help with a diverse range of issues—from addiction, depression, body image and abandonment, to problems of a financial nature and more. Even self-sabotaging behavior in one’s personal life and workplace, as well as continually making poor relationship choices, are areas in which RF can be extraordinarily beneficial.

Through Brenda, you will find the tools and wisdom to forgive yourself, as well as those whom you perceive as having hurt you. Re-examining your most intimate and important relationships through the lens of RF can help you achieve inner peace, as well as in your approach to others and to life’s challenges.

Ready to get unstuck and start transforming your life?

I will listen to you, then gently guide you through the step-by-step RF process, revealing the truth about what’s really happening in your life. As you begin to let go of seeing your world through the lens of ‘victimhood’, you, too can begin to see, feel and cherish the love that has always existed in your life.

Each & every Brenda Reiss Coaching Program is customized
to your specific, utterly unique needs and circumstances.

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