Brenda Reiss Coaching is built on the belief that you must first have your feet firmly planted on the ground in order to realize your potential. Only then can you find your own, special place in life—and the ability to fully enjoy it.

That initial step of regaining one’s solid footing is vital, and why we partner with Mary’s Place—a wonderful organization that does just that for homeless women and their families.

Mary’s Place does more than just ‘putting a band aid’ on the situation. The programs of this worthy initiative help empower the women and children it serves to move beyond homelessness—and the circumstances that led to it.

When you and I enter into a Coaching Relationship, you do me the honor of assisting you. In appreciation of your trust, and for each coaching session that you book with me, Brenda Reiss Coaching will provide a safe night’s sleep for a homeless parent and their children at Mary’s Place.

In this manner, we—you and I, together—are effectively providing families in dire need with the first vital step in regaining their footing and reclaiming their lives.

Together thus far, and since starting this initiative just recently, we’ve kept 140 homeless parents and children off the street. It feels amazing to focus on and be a part of a meaningful, tangible solution.