I Commit

I believe you deserve to be in love with your life!

You’ve gone through a lot in your life, already—learning hard lessons in the most challenging ways, while overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It’s not unusual to wonder, “Is this all there is?”

We first take a close look at those areas you feel are weighing you down, and keeping you from having fun in life—as well as some areas you may not have thought were any problem. Then, we make a plan together of how you want your life to look, and most importantly, how you want to feel, going forward — more energetic, joyful and valued!

The I Commit 3-Month Coaching Package includes:

  • Six (6) 50 Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Sessions are Conducted Weekly or Biweekly

    • Sessions are customized to fit your needs.
  • Sessions conducted by Zoom or FREE Conference Call for your convenience

In each of your Sessions, we’ll look at the different players and events that have shaped your life experiences to date, and where you can begin taking personal responsibility—thus bringing control back to you. Learn anew how you can make conscious choices on your OWN behalf, as we collaborate on customizing an Action Plan unique to your needs and circumstances, to move you forward.