Health Recovery

Getting over an illness is about so much more than overcoming the symptoms. There is a mental, emotional and spiritual recovery process that needs to occur before we can truly regain balance and full vitality in the wake of an illness, injury or disease. Fully recovering means not only moving through the physical trauma but also using it to learn, expand and grow to new heights.

If there’s one thing I have come to understand through my own health challenges, it is that anything that makes you feel bad physically has most likely already been making you feel bad mentally and emotionally. And quite likely that has been the case for some time. In my experience, every illness was my body’s way of trying to help me understand something very important.

  • Do you suffer from chronic headaches, backaches or other types of recurring aches and pains?
  • Does your state of health not accurately reflect your healthy lifestyle?
  • Have you recovered from an illness physically but find that you still just don’t “feel right?”
  • Are there certain foods that make you feel sick simply by looking at them?
  • Do you get colds and coughs you just can’t seem to shake?
  • Do you just want to explore more about why you endured a particular health challenge so that you can better understand the bigger picture?

Health-recovery-image-1Illness has been a very significant and powerful teacher in my life. I have endured and expanded through adrenal fatigue, ocular migraines, limb numbness, back surgery, neck fusion and even a brain tumor. My body continuously sent me illnesses to help me discover some truly unhealthy beliefs and patterns living below the surface of my consciousness. And once I got the message and started to address the underlying creative blueprint living at the source of some of these issues, I had a realization that changed my life.

I learned that these illnesses, and life, weren’t happening to me. They were happening for me. And with that, everything changed. The sense of empowerment and support I felt gave me everything I needed to truly take control of creating a healthy, happy life.

All these powerful, personal experiences, along with a very consciously created path of training that has earned me the titles of certified Radical Forgiveness® Coach, certified Soul Journey’s® Akashic Record Consultant and Heal Your Money Story © Coach, and certified Usui Reiki Practitioner allows me to say with confidence that I have what it takes to help you.

Over the course of the six-month Health Recovery program,
you will be guided through six key steps to:

  • Identify the underlying mental and emotional patterns that could be playing a role in your physical health
  • Own your ability to heal yourself on the spiritual level and embrace the empowerment available in illness by learning from it
  • Eradicate the patterns that keep you tied to unhealthy tendencies and make the living amends that allow you to start to mend on the physical level.
  • Eliminate the energies of identifying with your illness as who you are as well as the residual fear generated within your body from the first moment you were told you were “sick.”
  • Embody healthier, more loving mindsets toward yourself, others and life so that you can create a more healthy, vibrant experience for yourself.
  • Operate from your new platform not as a survivor, but as a thriver – a person who is forever expanding your personal frontiers and forever grateful for life’s every experience

Are you ready to make that kind of change in your life?