Grief Recovery

Facing life in the wake of loss can be bewildering. Of course the loss of a loved one is among the most devastating losses a person can experience, and if you are in the midst of this, I am absolutely here to help. It has been my experience that we can go through a daily grieving process sometimes over beliefs of who we used to be as we change, friendships changing, moving, weight gain or loss, having a child, ending of a relationship, starting a new relationship, ending a pattern of behavior that no longer serves us…the list goes on.

Our professional and social circles can be kind when we are grieving, but I do not believe our culture, as a whole, gives us enough time to truly process grief. After a few weeks, we are expected to return to our lives and get back to our normal routine. But for those grappling with the personal loss, nothing is normal anymore.

Few life experiences cut as deeply as grief. And moving too quickly into “life as usual” without finding a way and a safe space to really roll up your sleeves to confront and work through the layers of grief can eventually do a number on your health and well being.

  • Do you find yourself quick to anger or impatience?
  • Are months going by without your appetite for food or social interaction returning?
  • Are you constantly exhausted but unable to get good sleep?
  • Do you wonder what kind of God or higher power would allow this to happen?
  • Have you begun experiencing chronic headaches or sore muscles?
  • Do you resent the person or people who passed or feel as if you’ve been left behind?

Loss in all its forms has one thing in common: It leaves a hole in your life. And I have learned a thing or two about filling the void of loss in my life. As someone who has grieved the loss of a father through abandonment, the loss of emotional innocence through sexual abuse, the loss of friends, husbands and family members, I am well learned in how to fill the voids with something much more healthy and life fulfilling than pain and sadness.

My personal experience, along with a very consciously created path of training to become a certified Radical Forgiveness® Coach, certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, and certified Soul Journey’s® Akashic Record Consultant and Heal Your Money Story © Coach, allows me to say with confidence that I have what it takes to help you. Together, we will walk step by step out of the grief and into a healthy, happier place where gratitude and hope outweigh sadness and loneliness.

Over the course of the six-month Grief Recovery program,
you will be guided through six key steps to:

  • Identify the bigger picture of your connection to whatever you
    are grieving.
  • Own your ability to heal from even the deepest wounds
  • Eradicate the heaviness in your heart and the patterns of thinking that make it challenging to move through grief.
  • Eliminate the energies of limitations and embody those
    of possibility
  • Activate new levels of connection and trust in life
  • Operate from your new platform in a way that honors your past but fills your life with that which makes you happy

Are you ready to make that kind of change in your life?