Deep Transformation

Sometimes, one gets so used to handling a certain level of pain or discomfort in their life, that it starts to feel as though ‘normal’—something one must forever cope with. Such discomfort can result from abuse, addiction, divorce, job loss, friendships, intimate relationships, or physical pain in one’s body.

We all deserve to manage and move beyond the stresses and strains of our very demanding world—thus, our need for Deep Transformation.

In working together on your Deep Transformation, we explore those areas that you feel are weighing you down, and keeping you from enjoying life—as well as some areas you may not have thought were problematic. Then, we develop a plan for how you want your life to look, and most importantly, how you want to feel, going forward—more energetic, joyful and valued!

The Premium, Deep Transformation 6-Month Experience is designed to help you realize the life you envision for yourself—and includes:

  • Twelve (12) – Private Coaching Sessions

    • Sessions conducted by Zoom or FREE Conference Call for your convenience.
  • Recorded mp3 of ALL Twelve Sessions

  • Innovative Techniques for Releasing Emotions deeply embedded in your physical being

  • Exercises & Tools for helping you embody the positive changes that you’re experiencing during the Deep Transformation Process

  • Learning to ‘Come into Your Own Unique Power’—by acknowledging the gifts that ‘happen for us’ as results of our most challenging moments

  • Email Support for Laser-focused Between-Session Coaching

  • Relevant Tools, Templates, Guided Visualizations & additional Resources to Support Your Personal Forgiveness Journey and Process

  • Customized Bonus Gifts

In each of your Sessions, we’ll look at the different players and events that have shaped your life experiences to date, and where you can begin taking personal responsibility—thus bringing control back to you. Learning anew how you can make conscious choices on your own behalf, as we collaborate on customizing an Action Plan unique to your needs and circumstances are all part of this process, ultimately moving you forward.