Radical Forgiveness 6-Week Book Study Group

A book study is a great way to explore the Radical Forgiveness process either as a beginner or someone who has been utilizing the process for some time. In a group you have the potential to deepen your work by the sharing of experiences and issues. This can bring relief as we can feel like we are the only ones with certain issues when we aren’t. It is amazing that we all share pretty much the same issues but they can manifest differently in our lives. Also, any energy shift that happens in the group contributes to your healing. Which is an amazing experience.

A commitment is made to meet once a week for the 8 weeks during which time we go through the chapters and learn how to use the tools of Radical Forgiveness. We go into greater depth of the process in a group setting which can provide a deeper understanding to your individual work.

Upcoming Dates: TBA

Location: Email Brenda for registration and address