A Sense of Peace

I’m sitting here feeling so grateful for my life. Feeling peace in my heart and body which feels amazing.

A few years ago, I wasn’t feeling peace anywhere. My body was in pain and my head hurt (I didn’t know it was actually a brain tumor).

That feeling of gratitude eluded me. It didn’t feel very good. It was about stopping and listening, and I had been ignoring the messages until forced to listen.

Why do we do that? Not heed the messages all around us until pushed to pain. There are all sorts of answers for that around our beliefs and backgrounds and how we feel about ourselves.

Those beliefs can be powerful because they are pretty much unconscious. We have buried them, or so we think, yet they are showing up in our lives all around us. This is so we can recognize them and be able to change them. Do you know what your beliefs are?

Today, I just wanted to come to you and say that we can feel peace and gratitude even with the things happening in the world. Because the outside doesn’t have to affect our insides.

That’s the peace we are all searching for.

Can it be elusive? Oh yes. YET, it can be consistent too with intention and mindset.

Are you giving some time to yourself every day? Not just going to the gym as your ‘me’ time but really spending some time with yourself. Reading, journaling, breathing, taking a walk-in nature, thinking about good times you’ve had that made you laugh? And then really laughing about it as you remember it? Yeah…that kind of laugh.

Make a note of how you feel after that laugh. Do you feel connected? Calm? Peaceful?

That’s what I’m talking about. That sense of peace when we get connected to ourselves. Even for a few minutes. It has made me really want more.

And those beliefs? Take a look at what is being mirrored back to you by people and situations in your life. Are you noticing that you are drawn to the same type of person and they may or may not be good for you? Maybe you are constantly pushing yourself to better than someone else? These are some clues to what our beliefs can be. Get curious and make some notes about what is showing up in your life to get your attention.

Wishing you a few moments of peace that expands into hours and days and months…