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How Does Forgiveness
Affect Your Health?

Do you notice a difference in your body when you are struggling with resentment, sadness or anger? How does it feel when you are happy and feel connected? Makes a difference doesn’t it? It’s been proven that forgiveness or unforgiveness really plays a critical role in our health. So how does forgiveness affect your health? […]

When your heart is broken open…

It’s a struggle. Life is a struggle. What is this moving from head to heart anyway? I’m open. I meditate and do my inner work. Then why is there sadness? Why is there a heavy feeling in my chest? Why is there a disconnected feeling from my body? Those were questions that I have been […]

What part of ‘You’ needs a lift?

It’s almost summer! Most of us have been giving our houses and garages a lift by cleaning things out and organizing. How about giving ourselves a lift? I’m not just talking weight loss or body sculpturing. What do I mean by that? Well, through this spring I was realizing that my health needed a lift. […]

What is your wake-up call?

It feels like we have many wake-up calls on our journey. Some are huge and some seem insignificant. Yet, they are all vital as it takes us to our next level of growth or experience. Almost 2 months ago, I started getting my own wake-up call with my body spasming and the pain was debilitating. […]

The Courage to be Authentic – Risk Taking

What could be riskier than diving out of an airplane or climbing a glacier-covered peak or accelerating a race car into a curve at the Indy 500? For one person it might be quitting a secure, well-paying job to go back to school. For another, it could be deciding to leave a marriage after 18 […]

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Fear talks to people. And when they listen, this is what can happen: Sheila loved to dance but she wouldn’t go out on the dance floor with her fiancé because she thought she’d look clumsy and ridiculous. Arnie knew he deserved a raise, but he was so nervous about approaching his boss, he never asked […]

Are You Living with a “Victim” Mentality?

Old-fashioned melodramas featured hapless heroines who always seemed to find themselves tied to a railroad track or evicted from home into a fierce storm as the villain twirled his oily mustache. Only a white-hatted hero or the cavalry could rescue them as they cried, “Woe is me!” Times of stress or a need to respond […]