Addiction Recovery

Addiction doesn’t always rear a big, ugly head. Sometimes it quietly sneaks into your life with mainstream behaviors that might not seem like addictions at all. Things such as eating, shopping, exercise, work and even certain types of relationships can become the unconscious outlets we use to numb and placate an underlying issue. And while they may be socially acceptable, these types of addictions are still damaging to our well being.

If you take an honest look at your life and can see a behavior or pattern that has more control of you than you have of it, you could very well be grappling with a socially acceptable addiction.

  • Do you have things in your closet that you haven’t ever worn?
  • Are you carrying credit card debt for things that aren’t genuine needs?
  • Do you find yourself shopping or eating when you don’t really want or need anything?
  • Do you continue to invite draining or toxic relationships into your life without realizing you are doing it?
  • Is there a lot of fighting and making up in your relationships?
  • Do you insist on exercising even when your body is too tired or in pain?
  • Do you jump from diet to diet to diet?
  • Are you spending more time working than playing?
  • Do you find yourself exhausted from the busyness but unable to stop?

In my life, I have grappled with some of the bigger, more attention getting addictions such as drinking, co-dependence and love addiction. But I have also wrestled with some of these more invisible addictions as well. My addictions to sugar, adrenaline, exercise, shopping and busy-ness all had something in common both with each other and with the larger addictions. They were all symptoms of one, big personal demon.

Every one of my addictive behaviors could be traced back to suppressed and repressed feelings over one central pattern in my life. Deeply rooted patterns such as these are sometimes so well hidden and protected beneath our consciousness, we don’t even know they are fueling surface behaviors. And often, even if we do know or just have an inkling they are there, our survival instinct is to ignore them because often, they hold memories or energies that are traumatic for us. But face our demons we must. It’s the only way I have found to dismantle them and move onto creating consistent deep peace and abiding happiness.

As a person who has not only recovered from but thrived in the wake of multiple addictions and as a certified Radical Forgiveness® Coach, certified Soul Journey’s® Akashic Record Consultant and Heal Your Money Story © Coach, and certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, I genuinely believe I have what it takes to help you.

As a victor of 12 step recovery who no longer lives a life defined by addiction, a certified Radical Forgiveness® Coach, a certified Soul Journey’s® Akashic Record Consultant and Heal Your Money Story © Coach, certified Usui Reiki Practitioner and a self-taught master in the art of recovery, I can say with confidence I have what it takes to help you. Together, we will walk step by step out of the abusive habits that are eroding your spirit and into a healthy, supportive and potential filled relationship with yourself and the life you would prefer to live.

Together, we will walk step by step through the entangled emotions and fears that keep you from discovering the core pattern of addictive behaviors and into a deeper understanding of yourself and greater sense of true and healthy control in your life.

Over the course of the six-month Addiction Recovery program,
you will be guided through six key steps to:

  • Identify the underlying root pattern at play in your
    addictive behavior
  • Own the experience that created it and the power to overcome it
  • Eradicate the patterns that keep you stuck in
    habitual behavior
  • Eliminate the energies of victimization and limitation and embody those of possibility
  • Activate new patterns that support your well being on all levels
  • Operate from your new platform in a way that feeds your passions and fills your life with that which makes you happy.

Are you ready to make that kind of change in your life?