By sharing about myself and my work, I hope to give you comfort in knowing I can guide you through life’s challenges. First, allow me to share this simple perspective: each individual life is indeed a journey. And one of the biggest decisions each of us will ever make is how we wish to spend our life—as a victim, or as a victor.

By continuing along your own, unique journey as a victim, you’re always carrying an enormous amount of baggage. That’s a lot of heavy lifting for one person to endure. However, if you choose to travel the road of life as a victor, you’ll be amazed how much lighter, joyful and fancy-free your journey can be. I know these truths all too well, having lived as both.

For me, life has been a series of recovery processes. Within these experiences, I’ve learned that recovery, itself is not a destination—it’s a process. Yet, many people remain ‘stuck’ in recovery endlessly.

I specialize in helping women step into their own power—through forgiveness.

Having personally experienced abuse, addiction, divorce, major health issues and surgery, I know first-hand the many faces and phases of recovery. Yet, as critically important as recovery is, it’s not the ultimate process.

Forgiveness is the key to restoring and maintaining well being—forgiveness of ourselves, of others and even of life, itself. I guide others through the powerful process known as Radical Forgiveness—unlike any other transformative tools or techniques. However, before introducing you to RF and how it forever changed me, it’s important to understand the depths from which I rose—inspiring the phoenix in my logo.

My ‘baggage car’ began slowing my train of life down, early on—when I was abandoned at the age of three. This precipitated a life fraught with every imaginable form of abuse, from mental and physical to sexual, even spiritual in nature. This cycle was perpetuated by abusers ranging from friends and lovers to husband(s) and bosses, and last but by no means least, myself.

As a result, that overloaded baggage car slowed my life to a crawl, manifesting itself in eating disorders, addictions, toxic relationships and life-threatening health—among other challenges. I was resigned to a seemingly eternal culture of victimhood. I blamed anyone and everyone but myself. However, that behavior merely ties you to the proverbial tracks— where you run over yourself, over and over again.

Let me share how Radical Forgiveness (RF) helped me transition from victim to victor. I had already begun my own, personal recovery. Eventually, I studied and became certified in a number of intuitive, healing and recovery modalities—both traditional and untraditional. All of these were integral to becoming the kind of coach I wanted to be—one who truly helps others.

Yet, I didn’t truly ‘come into my own’ until I discovered RF. Radical Forgiveness gave me the knowledge, confidence and resources to fully embrace the concept of becoming master of my own fate, and moving beyond my scars and challenges—no matter how arduous.

Forgiveness has given me the ability to assist others to step into their own power. I am deeply, genuinely honored and privileged to work with each individual who reaches out to me. By giving me an opportunity to assist you in letting go of your baggage and moving beyond your most ardent challenges, I achieve my life’s purpose. Let me help you begin finding and achieving yours.